Frequently Asked Questions

How do you recruit your developers?
How many developers do you have?
What programming languages you master?
What is a virtual team extension?
Can I communicate directly with the developer?
Where do your developers come from?
How do you guarantee code quality?
Is NerdCloud a freelancer developer network?
Why should I choose you and not a hire my own software dev team?
Does NerdCloud introduce outsourced team members to my own in-house team?

How to start

What does onboarding mean?
Is onboarding really free of charge?
I have just one developer, can I work with you?
Can I check a developer’s resume?
What technical tasks do you handle?
I have smaller backlog tasks that need to be done, can you help me?
Should I prepare the technical documentation before contacting you?
Who is my first point of contact?
How do you handle work estimations?


Can you tell me more about how you work?
What if the first time estimation is not enough?
How can I be sure you work on my project as much as you declare?
How fast can my team be scaled up?