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!NOOB is now NerdCloud

September 23, 2020
!NOOB is now NerdCloud

Helsinki, FI, Release:  September 23, 2020.  ForImmediate Release

!NOOB, which has been providing software development services, has changed its name to NerdCloud.

!NOOB has a long history with software development. The name change was a natural continuation of the company's shifting focus to the development of the NerdCloud service. 

Upcoming updates to NerdCloud's services

  • Platform launch
  • Expanding to the USA, Canada, and several European countries

Despite the name change, we will continue with the same goals as before. We want to offer the most straightforward way to scale the tech teams.

Interested parties can learn more about the services offered by NerdCloud on the company website:

More information:

Samuli Argillander, CEO
+358 40 5007680

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