The same way cloud changed the web, our mission is to change software development. The mission is powered by our core team’s combined experience from decades in software development and working with hundreds of startups and multinational companies. Our modern approach is a blend of data driven digital platform, automated intelligent processes and exceptional service. 

Our service and operating model makes us a powerful and trusted tech partner for SME’s and large enterprises with our network of more than 50 global tech talent suppliers. NerdCloud provides a flexible and elastic team extension fully managed by Technical PM’s, easy for you to scale up without the burden of managing a team of new developers. 

With the potential of thousands of professional developers (no freelancers) you can rest assured that we can deliver even for the largest ventures you might have in mind. We already supercharge many tech teams with our industry best practices, cost elasticity and technical flexibility that transforms the way outsourcing has been done.
Simply said, we provide the means to scale your software development up or down as needed. Just like the cloud services you already use.

The Foundation

Years ago two friends Sam and Sampsa that happen to be battle-tested senior software engineers, stumbled upon a problem constantly. The inhouse tech team has to focus on the product roadmap, then business comes up with new requirements and integration requests for the already overworked team. The need for elastic resources was obvious but there was no solution to fix this problem.

This problem seemed to be universal spanning across cultures and lands, when the two friends worked and travelled. The fix for this problem is not recruiting, consultancies or traditional offshore outsourcing because of their inflexible business models. The right fix would be a highly flexible and elastic way to extend the core team. 

This got Sam and Sampsa thinking and the first idea of NerdCloud came into being. Actually, it was not called NerdCloud then. The name was conceived much later, during a brainstorming call to Singapore. A few iterations later Ben, an old friend from previous ventures, jumped in as co-founder to drive the commercial operations  of the brainchild of the two software wizards. The NerdCloud team was born and the engine had been started. 

Tasha Tolmacheva
Customer Success Manager
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Ben Rozell
CCO & Co-Founder
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Edvard Sandblom
Chief Sales Officer
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Samuli Argillander
CEO & Founder
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