A real team extension that adapts to your workflow

All software outsourcing require renting or hiring developers to your team and so called team extensions work only with a project based model. Our remote model is a genuine team extension, just like your new co-worker but with superpowers.

A modern and powerful tech partner can save you time, money and unnecessary stress. We have the expertise and technical knowhow to provide all the development support for your team exactly when the need arises.

Top notch communication & best practices

High performing senior developers keep our engine running. Our powerful model is run by native-speaking technical project managers that orchestrate the developer teams with Scrum and Kanban best practices.

The technical project manager hand-picks the right developer, describes the project specifications and onboards the developer with the required expertise. The developer and technical project manager are your extended team. We don't switch developers unless the tech stack changes. Because of our Nordic grit (sisu) and upright attitude we provide a 100% quality guarantee to our tasks.

We employ only high performing senior developers
A global workforce ensures reliability of delivery
Appointed native technical expert to each project
We charge only for coding - zero additional costs
Elasticity of a cloud service - we adapt to workloads
Scale from 1 to 5 developers in a matter of days
Global datacenter support - EU, US, China & Russia
Each line of code is 100% quality guaranteed
We integrate seamlessly to your workflow

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