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NerdCloud's dynamic service adjusts to your technological requirements and budget, providing seamless integration with your existing environment. Onboarding of handpicked, senior-level developers is expertly managed, ensuring time-efficient and hassle-free collaboration.

Highly competitive pricing


Depending on the subscription, we offer a 30-day risk-free cancellation policy and a limited roll-over of unused hours. Recognizing the fluctuating nature of development needs, we provide a fast ramp-up after low activity periods, ensuring unmatched flexibility.

30-day cancellation
Unused hours roll over
Fast project ramp-ups


We pledge to consistently deliver high-quality, reliable code that aligns with your specifications, with our QA team scrutinizing every detail for optimal quality. With a 2-day development SLA, we ensure swift turnaround times without sacrificing quality.

Guaranteed code delivery
QA team included
Development ready in days

Seamlessly adapting to your tech environment

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Build software with no limits

We integrate to your project for a smooth workflow. Just assign tasks and we’ll start building.

Senior Developers

We lead the development process and the senior developers from our vetted partner companies. We always have one to three hand-picked  developers for each customer to ensure high quality and availability.

We lead the development process
Hand-picked senior developers from vetted parters
The best subscription for your development needs
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Quality Assurance

Dedicated QA Team

The production lead is your technical sherpa guiding the way. Team leads onboard developers and manage the development and quality assurance. The team lead is your team’s first point of contact, both are available on Slack.

We handle developer onboarding
Quality assurance processes included
Experienced team lead is your first point of contact
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The Remote Sprint

Many teams struggle with sprint planning and execution. In the remote sprint, we provide your team and management with the necessary tools to handle sprint planning more efficiently.

We bring structure
Efficient sprint planning
The best subscription for your development needs
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/ month

$125.99 USD

Perfect for companies that need flexibility in their development

120 development hours
30 day cancellation
Senior developer
Dedicated FIN team lead
Developer onboarding
60h maximum roll over
Priority support
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/ month

$98.99 USD

Designed for businesses seeking to level up their development

720 development hours
6 month contract
Senior developer
Dedicated FIN team lead
Developer onboarding
All hours available at start
Priority support
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Economy Plus


/ month

$125.99 USD

Tailored for high-demand and time-sensitive projects

1440 development hours
12 month contract
Senior developer
Dedicated FIN team lead
Developer onboarding
All hours available at start
Priority support
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Don't worry! Get in touch with our team today, and we'll work together to create a solution to fit your specific needs.

Our services make your life easier

Discover our comprehensive suite of services tailored to your development needs, offering elastic solutions, dedicated teams, seamless onboarding, real-time tracking, skilled developers, swift deliverables, and continuous partnership, all managed by seasoned professionals.

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Elastic development solutions

Our service subscriptions provide various means to scale development, offering the utmost flexibility to match your fluctuating needs. We can pause and ramp up development according to your velocity demands.

Dedicated QA team

We have dedicated quality assurance team based in Finland for every client. They handle all technical tasks, break down user stories, manage your development pipeline, and serve as your first point of contact.

Complimentary onboarding

Enjoy a smooth start with our complimentary onboarding. Our QA team will manage the onboarding of developers, development coordination, and quality assurance, ensuring a seamless transition.

Real-time progress tracking

With our synced Kanban, you can track the progress of your front-end development in real time. Stay updated on the status of your tasks at any moment.

Senior developers at your service

We only work with senior developers and hand-pick the perfect match for your project. Our partners include more than 70 vetted companies, ensuring a wide array of front-end coding languages, frameworks, and libraries.

Swift and quality deliverables

Our service level agreement (SLA) stands at 2 days. We guarantee extremely fast delivery without compromising quality, thanks to our developers' proficiency in using tools like GitHub's Copilot, cloud staging and testing.

Wide range of development tasks, but not all

We handle many types of development tasks including building user interfaces, integrations, software maintenance, refactoring, bug fixing, and more. Simply assign tasks in your project management tool and our developers will get to work.

Your continuous development partner

Whether you have a software product, an eCommerce platform, or a website, we're equipped to handle continuous development. Let us be your trusted partner in bringing your visions to life.

Achieving success with NerdCloud

"Working with NerdCloud has extended our team’s capacity and improved our ability to scale development significantly based on demand. NerdCloud has taken on many maintenance tasks from the product development pipeline, which has allowed the Jamix development team to focus on the core development of our main products."

Antti Karjalainen

Chief Product Officer


"NerdCloud has done several HubSpot integrations for us and we have been very pleased with their work. They communicate well and have been able to deliver the right expertise for our projects."

Jonaz Kumlander

Chief Technology Officer

Avidly Global

“NerdCloud’s service has exceeded our expectations. Their approach is unique, and it just works. Their team is professional, efficient, and always delivers high-quality work. We couldn’t be happier with their service.”

Joonas Loueranta

eCommerce Ecosystem Director


"Our collaboration with NerdCloud has worked well, and their service works just as described."

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