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Supercharge your tech team

Inhouse tech teams have strategic competencies that make a large part of the core development work risky to outsource. However, there are tasks like integrations, bug fixes, UI development and software testing that can be easily outsourced without the risk of transferring knowledge out of the core team. We are your specialised partner in non-core tasks.

The flexible resource you need

Our philosophy is that your team has the vision and business knowhow of the product and our expertise lies in coding your product into life. Your team can simply draft tasks which we build and test. The chosen NerdCloud team size can be anything from one senior developer to a dozen developers or even more, depending on the amount of tasks to be done.

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We employ only high performing senior developers
A global workforce ensures reliability of delivery
A native speaking Team Lead as first point of contact
We charge only for coding - zero additional costs
Elasticity of a cloud service - we adapt to workloads
Scale from 1 to 5 developers in a matter of days
Global datacenter support - EU, US, China & Russia
We support all modern coding languages
We function as a remote extension of your team

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