Front-end development as a service

The full-service front-end development subscription that makes it easy to get experts for website development, eCommerce development and for continuous UI work.

We are nimble


Up and running blazing-fast

We have a vast pool of developers skilled in various tech stacks. Our team will hand-pick and onboard the perfect developer for your needs, delivering quality code within days. NerdCloud plans start at just 40 development hours per month, making outsourcing development easier than ever.


Scale up or down with ease

Our service is designed to be easy to scale up or down, adapting perfectly to your requirements. With our flexible subscription, you can rest assured that you'll always have the right level of service, no matter how your needs change over time.


Smooth out with Standby mode

We designed Standby mode out of the need of our customers to smooth out fluctuation in their business. Whether you encounter design lags or transition from production to innovation-driven initiatives, Standby mode ensures seamless continuity. It allows for swift resumption of development tasks, getting your projects back on track with ease.

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Senior developers

We lead the development process and the senior developers from our vetted partner companies. We always have one hand-picked primary developer in each project.

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Dedicated technical team

The production lead is your technical sherpa guiding the way. Team leads onboard developers and manage the development and quality assurance. The team lead is your team’s first point of contact, both are available on Slack.

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The remote sprint

Many teams struggle with sprint planning and execution. In the remote sprint, we provide your team and management with the necessary tools to handle sprint planning more efficiently.

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The subscription that solves your front-end needs

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Perfect for small-scale development and maintenance
  • 40 development hours
  • 4 day developer SLA
  • Senior developer
  • Team lead
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Designed for businesses seeking to level up
  • 80 development hours
  • 2 day developer SLA
  • Senior developer
  • Team lead
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Tailored for high-demand and time sensitive projects
  • 160 development hours
  • 2 day developer SLA
  • Senior developer
  • Team lead
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Frequently asked questions

Who is my first point of contact?
How do you handle work estimations?
What if the first time estimation is not enough?
How can I be sure you work on my project as much as you declare?
How fast can my team be scaled up?
Will the previously agreed hours be carried forward to the next month?
Can the Customer reduce the agreed hours of the Service?
What happens if the previously agreed hours have been used up?
How do you recruit your developers?
How many developers do you have?
What programming languages you master?
Can I communicate directly with the developer?
Why should I choose you and not a hire my own software dev team?
Should I prepare the technical documentation before contacting you?

Achieving success with NerdCloud

“NerdCloud’s service has exceeded our expectations. Their approach is unique, and it just works. Their team is professional, efficient, and always delivers high-quality work. We couldn’t be happier with their service.”

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What happens next?

  1. An expert contacts you shortly after having analyzed your development requirements.
  2. If required, we sign an NDA to ensure the highest privacy level.
  3. The team assembled for your development project can start delivering within 3 business days.
  4. Our team submits a comprehensive proposal for collaboration. It may include estimates, timelines, etc., for a particular situation, depending on your needs.

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