A powerful Jira plug-in with a built-in global workforce of senior developers available as a service.

Unlimited resources

Capacity planning can be a tedious task, if there's not enough developers available. This usually leads to overtime and an unhappy team. We provide an always available built-in global workforce as a service.

No technology limitations

Build software with confidence and zero limitations. We provide one scalable subscription that covers more than 30 coding languages without the hassle of traditional outsourcing.

Fully managed service

Traditional outsourcing requires extensive inhouse resources. Fully managed service means that we take care of everything from onboarding to QA. This way you can focus on your business.

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Jira SoftwareGitlabAirtableGithubBitbucketWrikeAsanaClickUpMondayTrelloTeamworkBasecampSmartSheet

Senior developers available in almost any coding language.

JS, JavascriptNodeJSJavaObjCC#, C++, CC#, C++, CScalaGolangKotlinRustRubyUnityPHPSwiftTypeScriptPython

Get task estimations from senior developers in hours, instead of days.

Front-end development

We provide scalable capacity to rapidly and cost effectively develop user interfaces, whilst our customer's focus is on designing the best user experience.

Customers: Punamusta, Avidly, Mtech Digital Solutions

Support & maintenance

Capacity for support, customer success or maintenance tasks can be hard to plan in advance. We provide a scalable way to handle frequently changing development needs.

Customers: Hypercell, Aiforsite, Punamusta

Integration & automation

Integrations are essential but time consuming to build. By outsourcing integrations you release your development teams resources for other improvements.

Customers: Avidly, DBE Core, Autoklinikka, Paytrail

Go from onboarding to sprint in days instead of weeks.


Let's arrange a 30min requirement call to understand your business, tech stack and plans. We provide managed development capacity starting from 40 hours and up to 5000 hours a month.


During the setup, we onboard the developer(s) and make sure that both teams are well aligned. The technical setup and development workflow is done in a way that your process won't change.


We finalise the setup and development can start. The development work is fully managed and a daily changelog is provided. More development capacity is always readily available, so you can scale up anytime.

Start now. It's free.

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