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We are excited to announce a new feature for NerdCloud: standby mode!

January 11, 2023
We are excited to announce a new feature for  NerdCloud: standby mode!

Standby mode was designed with our customers in mind, as an ideal solution for when their internal growth strategies move from production to innovation-driven initiatives which cannot be easily outsourced due to needing deep domain expertise. Additionally, design lag - situations where designs are delayed or postponed - can also spur the need for quickly resuming development tasks after internal projects have been completed.

With standby mode, you can now pause your development tasks and resume them in just a few days with the push of a button. All channels and integrations will be kept running for you during this time, so you can pick up right where you left off. If you have hours available from your subscription, we will use those, and if you need more resources, we will activate the subscription again.

Standby mode is always set on a predetermined period, but there is no limit on how many times you can use it. The cost for this feature is 299€/month. Our goal is to make the NerdCloud service available and reactive when you need it, and standby mode allows us to do just that. It's especially useful when the development focus is shifted to planning and innovation, and when designs are delayed, or re-designed.

As of January 16th, 2023 the standby option is launched to extend the subscription and the terms have been updated accordingly. 

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