This Study Proves Why CTOs Need to Start Scaling

July 13, 2020
This Study Proves Why CTOs Need to Start Scaling

Scaling is an issue in many industries, especially for small enterprises or startups. However, the team at Nerd Cloud discovered why scaling is more important than even-- and CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) need to be responsible for the process.

What We Found

After we finished interviewing growth company CTOs, the results of our study showed that over 80% of quickly growing tech companies are struggling to grow. This is due to the lack of internal team scaling models available.

A Chief Technology officer is excellent at crafting software scalability, but may not be great at team scalability. This is because team scalability may not be as much of a priority for CTOs until pressure is put on them by sales departments or other areas of the company. In some cases, it’ll just be too late, and the company’s growth will slow quite a bit.

Here are some details of what our study found:

  • A serious lack of developer onboarding processes, such as documentation, access control, tutor model, etc.
  • Numerous issues with cost efficiency, particularly when working with software companies.
  • Very little in terms of outsourcing companies, who are little more than CV builders and resenders.

Outsourcing or offshore development models as they stand currently are not ideal for growing companies. However, scaling up internal teams up will not be wholly possible because of a lack of talent and high risks involved. So how can the growth problem be solved and scalability be improved within a growth company?

The Right Solutions

There are a number of methods a growth company’s CTO can take to manifest internal scaling:

  • Improve and adapt to the developer onboarding processes, documentation, etc.
  • Outsource needs, tasks, and activities that are not in the core team backlog.
  • Take advantage of a number of tech hubs, rather than just a singular pool of talent, for things like prototyping, cloud services, etc. such as !NOOB’s Nerd Cloud.
  • Modularity can be really beneficial, especially in terms of setting up feature teams.
  • Invest in a team scaling specialist to help in the process. A good team scaling specialist will keep an eye on your tech stack and will actively look for the right kind of developers at all times.

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