How to Manage Your Burn Rate with NerdCloud

How to Manage Your Burn Rate with NerdCloud

If you’re a busy CTO, you know there are things on the back burner that you wish you could get to. It can be stressful having those things gnawing away at the back of your brain, especially if you’re a startup company with a burn rate that could make the gods tremble.

How can anyone start a new business, figure out what their MVP is, manage their burn rate, and still stand on their own two feet at the end of the day? It’s a tall order and one that can result in failure if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s important to consider outsourcing your software development. It can be a total game-changer, in a good way. No one promised starting a business would be easy, but it also doesn’t have to make your life hectic, unstable, and a little scary at times. NerdCloud can effectively take the burn rate of your company and solve problem after problem.

What is a Burn Rate?

If you own a startup, this phrase might be familiar to you, but if not we will go over it quickly just in case. Sometimes when we think we know things and how they work, it turns out we learn something new along the way by rehashing it.

A burn rate is a measurement used by investors and companies to track the amount of cash that is “burned” before money is made.

How Does One Manage a Burn Rate?

It takes time and effort that most people don’t have when they first start a business. Everyone knows it takes money to make money, but if your businesses burn rate is unmanaged it can result is detrimental damages, including:

  • Generating cash from marketing
  • Selling company assets
  • Investing in new development and research
  • Possible reductions

None of that sounds very fun or all that plausible for a new business.

How NerdCloud Can Help

NerdCloud is software development as a service, also known as SDaaS for short. We focus on how to make your company the most money in a short amount of time using the least resources. That sounds like a dream scenario, right? We take all those items on the back burner off your plate and turn them into completed projects.

Using the minimum viable product (MVP) NerdCloud determines which of your products the right amount of features to test out on new customers so they can provide feedback to improve your other products. Improved products make customers come back for more.

Why Outsource to NerdCloud?

Outsourcing your software development might seem risky at first, but with NerdCloud, the choice has never been simpler. You no longer have to worry about technical tasks when you can rely on NerdCloud to optimize your burn rate, meet deadlines, and deliver quality work.

Contact NerdCloud today to relieve your stress and finally feel confident in your business.

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