All you need for a smooth project.

Easy onboarding makes a difference. The platform helps you communicate your project's goals and technology demands. Once done, we will setup your Kanban board, where you can manage and monitor the work progress.

Effortless task management.

The Kanban board is your dashboard. The board has six steps, which are: Backlog, Estimate, Promotion, Current Cycle, QA and Done. Tasks are moved to the Promote list after time estimation and verification. All you need to do is add new tasks, check estimations & approve QA tasks.

Quality & Flexibility

We follow high quality standards and industry best practices. Compared to traditional software development firms, NerdCloud has no vendor lock-ins and zero overheads.

We have tech hubs around the globe in different timezones, this way our platform can deliver code 24/7. NerdCloud's nearly unlimited resources make sure you can reach even the most critical deadlines working with us.


Projects are transparently monitored from our easy-to-use cloud platform. You can focus on the big picture, while we optimize the resources and handle the tasks. This means, you can easily pause and start your project again anytime.


Vendor lock-ins, high fixed costs and time consuming recruiting processes can be problematic in a changing environment. By using NerdCloud, you can mitigate risk and lower your fixed costs significantly.

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Ben Rozell
CCO & Co-Founder
Samuli Argillander
CEO & Founder