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Let us know the technologies you are working with and the nature of the work  using the form below. For ex. you need help clearing your backlog, building a mobile or web app or something else?


We make sure your technology stack is available. We have experts in LAMP, MEAN, .NET technologies always available. Our sales will contact you in 4 hours (8am-8pm EEST).


Our sales will provide all the necessary information for our architect who will contact you regarding the sprint planning. Or, you can just skip this and invite Sam to your sprint planning.

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Easy to start

Add a user story and chosen tech stack with the form above. Once done, we will select the senior developer(s) with expertise on the chosen tech stack and start the developer onboarding. Your product owner, tech lead or lead developer would be a suitable first point of contact for us.

Effortless to manage

Next, repositories. We can create a repository in any service you want and share credentials with your first point of contact or we can use your team's existing repositories. We usually work in local host or staging environments, so your team handles the deployment to production environment. We deploy approved tasks to NerdCloud branch unless otherwise agreed. When a task is ready for QA we make pull requests on each task. Accepted pull requests are moved to DONE on the workflow board.

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Ben Rozell
CCO & Co-Founder
Tasha Tolmacheva
Customer Success Manager
Samuli Argillander
CEO & Founder