Simple, yet powerful. A factory-like solution that scales up or down based on your software development needs.

Elastic Development

Unlike the traditional outsourcing model, we do things better. The elastic development (ED) model means that we integrate to your core team's workflow and estimate each task, so you can focus on building your roadmap, milestones and budget. The integration also assures transparency, better communication and workload management.

Tune up your software development. Getting started is easy!

Let's have a chat to understand your current situation, needs, technical stack, culture and tools you are using
Decide on the planned workload and what subscription plan would be the most suitable for your needs
We hand-pick the developer(s) with the right expertise based on our discussions. NerdCloud's dedicated team lead will function as your first point of contact.
Next, we setup the technical environment and start onboarding. We will have share communication channel for daily stuff and our platform for weekly reporting.
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