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Software development outsourcing has always suffered from a bad rep. That's because the wrong work is being outsourced. The back-end of a software has all the business logic and usually requires domain knowledge from the developer - outsourcing this will mean a very long learning curve.

This eventually pays off if you are hiring the person, but when outsourcing you'll just lose money for several months as consultants learn the ins and outs of your software. This is why we believe software teams should always keep their back-end "core" development in-house.

The front-end on the other hand, has lots of outsourceable work like custom software UI's, CMS websites, eCommerce platforms and API's. Which is usually much more efficient to outsource to a senior developer well versed in the tech at hand.

Front-end work is continuous improvement and maintaining - after all it's what your customers interact with. Our front-end development subscription is the point solution to keep your software's front-end, online store or website working perfectly and looking amazing.

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Personalized Marketing: Explore how businesses use customer data and analytics to deliver personalized experiences and targeted messaging to their users.

User Behavior Analytics: Explore the use of analytics tools and techniques to track and analyze user behavior on websites, apps, or digital platforms.

Privacy Settings Customization: Learn about the importance of offering customization privacy settings, allowing users to define their preferences regarding data collection, recording, or sharing.

Cohort Analysis: Explore the practice of grouping users into cohorts based on specific criteria, such as signup date, user attributes, or behavior, and analyzing how their interactions and behaviors differ over time.

Variable Playback Speed: Understand the benefits of adjustable playback speed, including the ability to speed up or slow down replay clips to review user interactions more efficiently or in more detail.

Big Data Processing: Learn about techniques and tools for processing and analyzing large-scale data sets, such as user events, to extract valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

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We are on a mission to modernize tech outsourcing. The mission is powered by our core team’s combined experience of 50+ years in software development and working with hundreds of startups and multinational companies. Our modern approach is a blend of digital platform, automated processes and exceptional service. This operating model makes us a powerful and trusted tech partner for SME’s and large enterprises.

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